Warranty Info

Free Wheel Co. Warranty Policy

At Free Wheel Co. we believe in the products that we sell.
Sometimes during the longboarding process wheels wear down. This is to be expected when turning the wheels perpendicular to the direction of travel, sliding.  When you turn a wheel sideways it is prone to wear. There are some behaviors that are associated with sliding that can negatively effect the way that the performs that are not Manufacturer Defects.

Here is a list of some of those actions:

Cored Wheels – If you ride a wheel to the point of running into the core, it is not a warranty. The rider gained the maximum value from the wheel at that point. Glad you liked the wheels.
Flatspotted Wheels – If your wheels have a flat spotted section of the contact patch it is not a warranty. Simply put, when you received the wheel it was round, what did you do?
Ovalled Wheels – Sometimes you have commitment issues, and cant fully 90 blast a slide and you end up with some ovals, this is not a warranty. Sorry, the gear wears, when you wear the gear.
Chunking Wheels – Wheels are designed to travel in a forward direction, any direction other than straight forward has consequences. Slide at your own risk.
Chunked Lips – The same move that allows you to leave big buttery thane lines, also can cause the wheels lips to chunk off when they are wearing down. If you keep riding eventually the chunk will wear itself away!

Broken Cores – We know it was run over by a car. Your mom backed over your board, you left it outside and a meteor hit it. If it is in plastic with a broken core we will replace it, but if it has a broken core out of plastic, sorry.

Now that we have gone over some of the things that are NOT WARRANTY, lets talk about some reasons that fall under what Free Wheel Co. will Warranty:
Wobbly Core
– If your wheel has a big wobble when it rolls, do not ride it, as it is unsafe for high rates of travel, and will produce some death wobbles. Note: Free Wheel Co. will only warranty this problem if the wheel is brand new and unridden. Once the wheel has been ridden it is impossible to determine if it is a warranty. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR WHEELS BEFORE PUTTING THEM ON. Same way you would check your parachute before jumping out of a plane.
“Swirled Urethane” – The wheel is safe to ride, but the urethane is not allowing you to dump the thane you saw in the video, send us an email. Sometimes the magic urethane gods let a swirled wheel slip through their all seeing eye, we will give it a look over and let you know.

De-hubbed Wheels – If the urethane moves from the core and the core is in good shape, un-broken, please contact us for a warranty. Sometimes a small air bubble can detrimentally effect the bond of urethane to core.

If you believe your wheels are a case for Warranty, Please send an email to Nate@omenlongboards.com with the Subject Line of: Warranty – “your name”-“Wheel Type” …example; Subject: Warranty – Nathan Blackburn – Free Dumbs

-description of the wheels
-videos, pictures, drawings to demonstrate the issue

-name, phone number, address, email address

Expect a response within 2-3 business days. Free Wheel Co. observes all holidays from every country, and major religion.

If we deem that the Wheels in question fall under our Warranty Policy, we will ask that you do the following:

Mail your defective set of Free Wheel Co. urethane to Free Wheel Headquarters.

Free Wheel Co.
C/O Warranty
5001 208th St. SW
Suite 102

Lynnwood, WA, 98036

Once we receive the package please allow up to 9 business days of processing.

Warranties are given at the discretion of Free Wheel Co. and their expert observations.