Bradley Cameron leading Forrest Anton-Erik through the cart track at SUN PEAKS.

Forrest, Nate, and Devon floating proximity drifts in problematic corners.

Forrest Anton-Erik, the dirt is Lava, and the FREE WILLIES are swimming him from danger.

Devon Dotson piloting Gold FREE SPIRITS into the danger zone.

Devon Dotson taking the inside line on Nate Blackburn.

Forrest Anton-Erik, size clearly matters.

Danny Devito hitchin a ride on the frontseat of Devon's helmet.

Nate Blackburn dumpin big meat in a never ending left drift on the FREE BASE.

Same slide but from a different angle of Nate Blackburn losing speed.

Bradley Cameron showing Nate how to properly hit a 1 handed airplane mode.

Forrest slingin a 1 handed toeside around the first corner riding the blue FREE SPIRITS.

Bradley Cameron leanin tough against the slant of the SUN PEAKS track on the FREE BASE wheel.