FREE AGENT Longboard Wheels

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The Free Agent has been reinvented in a really mediocre new shape with a core, and now poured in our GOLD STANDARD Formula. We recreated this wheel in order to make a smooth sliding thane laying square lip that is specifically intended for sliding, and not gripping. If you want a thaney freeride wheel with a supportive core that dumps thane this is that wheel. Mildly Offset, Stoneground Contact Patch, and semi sharp lips combine to make the Free Agent.

Height - 70mm
Width - 55mm
Durometer - 78a
Formula - Gold Standard
Core - Big Core
Bearing Seat - Offset
Contact Patch - Stoneground

Grip - 6/10
Kick Out Resistance - 6/10
Speed Killing - 5/10
Hook Up Feel - 5/10