FREE SPIRITS Longboard Wheels (SMOKE)

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The Smoke formula is a secret weapon we have been working on. It is a more durable, and mildly slipperier formula than GOLD STANDARD. This is still a thane laying formula, but in a harder to kill edition that leaves white lines on the ground.
The Spirit shape is a very basic cruiser wheel shape that can be incredibly fun for advanced riders that are not scared of a little wider contact patch, and a little more resistance in the kickout and the slide compared to a FREE WILLY.

Height - 70mm
Width - 51mm
Durometer - 78a
Formula - SMOKE
Bearing Seat - Offset
Contact Patch - Hand Ground

Grip - 6/10 (New) 4/10 (broken in)
Kick Out Resistance - 5/10
Speed Killing - 4/10
Hook Up Feel - 5/10